Bimoli Cooking Oil

Bimoli Klasik Minyak Goreng merupakan salah satu merek minyak goreng yang terbuat dari biji kelapa sawit pilihan – dengan warna kuning keemasan yang berasal dari beta karoten alami. Proses produksinya mengguna tahap pemurnian Multi Proses (PMP).



Fortune Cooking Oil

Fortune Cooking Oil is a high quality cooking oil made from palm oil that consists of Omega 9 and 6. The Omega 9 (n-9) found in Fortune reduces the cholesterol and LDL (low density lipoprotein), allowing a balance of LDL and HDL (high density lipoprotein). The Omega 6 (n-6) helps shape the AA and DHA in the human body. The AA functions as a connector of nerve cells, while the DHA is used for vision and brain cells.


Sovia Cooking Oil

Sovia is one of the most competitively priced cooking oil brands in Indonesia. Produced from the choicest palm fruits, it is refined and fractionized by multi-stage process, and contains Vitamin A and D. The Vitamin A found in Sovia cooking oil enables the human body to fight with ISPA and diarrhea, while its Vitamin D plays a role in shaping our bones and teeth.

Imagine frying in oil that isn’t bad for you! Now imagine anything fried in it tastes better than ever before. Yes! It’s here. Sovia Cooking Oil that is very stable under high heat, and won’t break down or turn toxic on you.